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THE SANMAISON Shirokanedai



We, Sanyo Homes Co., Ltd., have been promoting the concept of “integrated lifestyle,” and we have continued to build truly valuable homes in pursuit of comfortable spaces and a brilliant everyday life.

For us, a home is not simply a vessel for living, but a stage where those who live within can play out their lives.

The philosophy of creating that lifestyle takes into consideration not only being high-end but also the environment, safety, and security. All of this goes into creating our highest-class brand, THE SANMAISON.

For this brand, we have built luxurious condominiums in Tokyo’s upscale residential areas and are now bringing you the latest THE SANMAISON property in Minato Ward’s Shirokanedai neighborhood.


  • THE SANMAISON Shirokanedai stands on land formerly owned by samurai.
  • A four-minute walk from Shirokanedai Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Toei Mita Line
  • Quiet residential area tucked away from Platinum Street, which attracts adults who know quality
  • The area is blessed with greenery that has been nurtured over many years, such as the National Park for Nature and the ginkgo trees on Platinum Street
  • The neighborhood that features the Sheraton Miyako Hotel and Happoen will satisfy your body and soul and add quality to your daily life
  • The Shirokanedai area boasts a collection of a variety of sophisticated, award-winning restaurants
  • Close to the Takanawa Gateway Station and a new Shinagawa Station, the area will evolve to shape the cityscapes of the future in Tokyo
  • Exterior design of the mansion respects the existing neighborhood and will become a symbol that will be loved over time
  • Features an elegant, expansive driveway
  • Lounge space that separates private from public
  • Corridors adorned with hotel-like red carpets
  • Entrance hall where the sounds of a suikinkutsu (a traditional Japanese garden ornament) resonate
  • Built with carefully selected materials that blend well with the property’s surroundings
  • Five-story, low-rise residence with 19 units
  • A variety of condominium options, ranging from 80m2 to 170m2
  • A security system that completely supports everyday safety


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